Efficient welding and cutting

Issue 8/23 of the trade magazine SCHWEISSEN UND SCHNEIDEN has just published an interview with Jörn Landsrath, Managing Director of Production at Kaltenbach Maschinenbau in Neuenburg am Rhein. Among other things, the article discusses the strategic partnership with KALTENBACH.SOLUTIONS in the area of IoT/Smart Factory. Maschinenbau Kaltenbach GmbH manufactures a wide variety of products and special parts. Their core competencies include manual and robotic welding. Our IoT solution is used in metal cutting.

Maschinenbau Kaltenbach GmbH in Neuenburg am Rhein has been manufacturing complex machines, systems and lines for business partners and customers since 1958. Above all, exclusive partnerships, some of which have existed for decades, form the foundation on which the company stands. In order to meet the growing demand for diverse designs and components in the future, the company is investing in new production halls. In addition to assembly and machining, the core competencies include manual as well as robotic welding of complex and safety-relevant components in accordance with DIN EN 1090 EXC 3. Jörn Landsrath, the managing director responsible for production, entered into a strategic partnership in the field of IoT (Internet of Things)/Smart Factory with Kaltenbach.Solutions GmbH around two years ago. The latter's industry-specific IoT solution is used in machining at Maschinenbau Kaltenbach. Here, so-called booster boxes measure the performance directly at the machine tools and clearly visualize the recorded data. The goal is to achieve more transparency in production and a continuous increase in efficiency. Mr. Landsrath gave an insight into his operation.